Ukraine is the ICT powerhouse of Europe
The booming ICT industry of Ukraine counts more than 200,000 developers and 2000 ICT companies.
UF Gateway
Ukraine-Finland Gateway is specialized project targeted at ICT talent and companies from Ukraine promoting opportunities and relocation to Finland
Two tracks
We provide opportunities in Finland for both ICT talents and companies/startups
Talent relocation
We connect professionals from ICT-related fields with opportunities in Finnish companies that are looking for ICT talents.
Company relocation
We help Ukrainian ICT companies or non-ICT related scalable startups to move their operations to Finland and become Finnish companie
Our progress
We stared matching ICT talent from Ukraine with opportunities from Finnish companies
ICT talents are subscribed to our Telegram channel "Jobs in Finland"
Open positions collected from the Finnish companies
Of our ICT matches were met with offers from the Finnish companies
Our partners
Crazy Town
Co-working spaces and a community of 400 companies and teams that cooperate, learn new and grow their business together.
FinEst Bay Area
Development project to construct Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel and create gravity to attract talent and growth to FinEst Bay Area
We are looking for partners:
To drive the project forward and maximise the impact
We are looking for Finnish municipalities interested in developing their competitiveness and providing opportunities for Ukrainian talents and companies
Ecosystem Organisations
Being ecosystem builder ourselves, we are interested in collaborating with ecosystem organisations that are interested in supporting our activities
Private Donors and Foundations
All organisations or individuals believing that Finland is a great destination for talents and companies
Development Organisations
National and local development organisations supporting the economic development of Finland
Reach out to learn more!
Phone: 040 259 0350
Email: [email protected]
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