Pro-bono initiative
New life in Finland: jobs for Ukrainian refugees
About 2 million people have already fled Ukraine because of the Russian invasion. We are helping to find jobs and start a new life in Finland.
Free of charge, no strings attached.

How we help
We help refugees from Ukraine to find employment in Finland across a variety of sectors
We connect specialists from ICT-related domains from companies in Finland
Construction and cleaning
We help staff the Finnish construction and cleaning companies
Seasonal work
We match the Ukrainian refugees with different opportunities in seasonal work
Other industries
On a case-by-case basis, we are looking for helping refugees find employment in other sectors
To Finnish Employers
According to the current information and the EU directive 2001/55/EY, Ukrainian citizens receiving Temporary Protection residence permits, have an unrestricted right to work in Finland. It means that Finnish employers do not need to do any additional paperwork, while hiring candidates from us.
Our approach
This initiative is currently being done pro-bono. We charge neither the people nor the companies, as our goal is to help people to find sources of income after they have left behind their homes due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Quick decision
We are looking for companies that are ready to make a decision on the candidate provided by us in under one week.
No Finnish is required
We are looking for employment opportunities that do not require the Finnish language.
Are you interested in Ukrainian candidates? Send us your vacancies
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