Nordic consultancy agency
Advicera is a Finland-based agency offering consulting services
for companies from the Nordics.
Our focus
  • Post-War reconstruction and investments in Ukraine
    We facilitate private and public investments and reconstruction projects in Ukraine helping to rebuild the country during and after war.
  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship development
    We run and advise on projects supporting entrepreneurship, SMBs, startups, and technology innovation in Ukraine and in the Nordics.
  • Pan-Nordic & Eastern Europe collaboration
    We connect countries, companies, and projects between the Nordics and Eastern-European countries, facilitating relations, trade and development.
Ukrainians have shown resilience and courage in the time of the war. Now, they are united more than ever to build a new country, contributing to world stability. Reconstruction of Ukraine is not only the moral thing to do, but it is also an unparalleled opportunity to become part of the future prosperity of the region.
Advicera team
Why choose us?
10 years of experience
Our team members have been working on facilitating connections between the Nordics and Ukraine from 2013.
Trustful partners
We are trustful partners of several Nordic private investors, public funding bodies and international donors
Variety of competence
We combine business development expertise, technology and innovation proficiency with non-governmental and public sector collaboration experience.
Core Team
With hands-on experience of numerous projects involving Nordics and Ukraine, our team is all set to lead and execute new activities.
  • Yuri Kozik
    Co-founder, Consultant, CEO
    Yuri is a business developer with experience of facilitating private and public investments and other forms of financing for companies. He is focused on helping foreign companies engage in reconstruction projects in Ukraine.
  • Daria Sazonova
    Co-founder, Consultant, Project Manager
    Daria is an experienced startup entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and project manager. She is passioned about Impact entrepreneurship and is facilitating female entrepreneurship in Ukraine.